Tying The Knot Abroad

So you are finally ready to get married, you have found your special someone you plan on spending the rest of your life with and you can’t wait to get things started. But there’s an issue, the two of you are living far from home abroad.
Weddings by nature are very complicated and require in depth planning to make it occur perfectly. Planning to have your wedding abroad is an even more complicated matter yet it can be solved. So here’s your how to guide to having your own overseas wedding.
Preparing your BudgetWhat’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of the words overseas wedding? Travel costs. The cost of plane ticket alone, along with transportation and lodging will set back a large sum to your financial to the already present cost of your wedding. The best choice, do it small. Now if you were living in your home country it will be alright inviting a large number of guests, but since this is abroad you can’t really expect a lot of people to attend your wedding in another part of the world by spending their hard earned money. And most importantly you can’t really refuse to pay for your immediate family members’ expenditures on travel. So as mentioned earlier keep your guest list small, limited, but do keep everyone informed mind you, those who are willing to make the trip are free to do so. Thus you can trim a lot of fat from your expenditures.
Do keep in mind that you will have to keep a lot of spare cash at hand, you can never know when it will be needed. Look for offers with your local hotels where your guests will stay for family packages, you may be able to get a big discount due to the large number of people coming in, check this high quality wedding video.
Selecting a Convenient TimeWhen you plan on tying the knot abroad, it’s best to do so around a large holiday where your guests who are actually financially capable and willing to make the trip can do so without causing any disturbance to their personal life. The ideal times would be around long weekends and during school holidays.
Remember to Keep Things SmallSince the guest list alone won’t be many depending on how many will actually come and your local family and friends, it is a good reason to downsize your wedding to make it short yet very adorable and thus save up a lot more for your honeymoon with your loved one.