The Pros And Cons Of Airbnb

AirBnB is an online hospitality service founded in 2008. It is a very popular service that allows people to find places on the internet when they travel. AirBnB acts as a mediator between the lodger and the lodging owners and obtain a commission for the service. AirBnB is a growing service that has opened more avenues for many people. Even though the service may sound nice, there are certain issues to it. Here’s a list of pros and cons of AirBnB.


It helps homeowners to earn an income

AirBnB has helped homeowners to list their properties on the service. This way homeowners can earn a considerable income. Homeowners can easily sublet a room or a house they don’t use. As more people visit these places and rate the place, the popularity grows and more people would come. As demand increases AirBnB raises the prices increasing the income for the owner. Rather than looking for people to give the place for rent, you could easily list it on AirBnB. You can also add cleaning cost for on the price and easily get a carpet cleaning service or clean the house yourself.

Different types of rooms

AirBnB has many and various property listings. Therefore you can easily look for a room or house for your liking. There are many different styles of houses listed. Depending on your liking you can find a house with a pool, garden, gym etc. There are properties listed all over the world therefore it is easy to look for a place anywhere you like. If you have a specific place in mind, you would be able to find a listing on AirBnB. Similarly you can find places that offer different amenities such as hot water, TV, Kitchen, Wi-Fi and pets to name a few. You can easily find a place tailor made and to your liking.


Some places can be bad

AirBnB have been trying to improve the cleanliness and quality but there have been issues where the places have been really bad. There are millions of listing and not all can be monitored. Lodgers can add reviews therefore if the place is unclean lodgers can write a review stating about the place. This way other can stay from it. Similarly there are certain lodgers who make the place dirty or break something and leave the place. In some instances AirBnB offers insurance to the homeowner so they don’t need home assistant services at Smart Home but this is not the case most of the time.

You may not get the place you want

Some homeowners reserve the right to welcome guests or not. This leads to discrimination and some guests may not get the place so they have to go looking somewhere else. You may not always get the place you desire. Similarly one bad review can ruin the reputation of the place and no one would want to visit it. This looks bad on the homeowner and he does not have an income for the place.