Starting Up A Library Café

A library café is a very modern and novel idea that is beco0ming popular around the world. The idea is to provide readers and book worms the opportunity to come in and enjoy a good book or even study while enjoy some delicious food, comforting drinks and excellent service. When you are at the library reading or studying, you may have wished many times that you had some snacks with you or a drink to sip on while you are reading. This concept provides the solution to this.

Your target customer bases

The great thing about a library café is that you will have many different customer bases that you can target. You can target the young person looking for some alone time away from the world to enjoy a good book in peace and quiet and you can also target the passer by who is simply looking to drop in for a quick meal and a great coffee in between his or her busy schedule and in between meetings. The ideal setting for your library café would be booth seating and electrical outlets available at each seat in order for your customers to plug in their laptops or other devices. 

In addition to this, you can target business people looking for a quiet place to meet, a business person or a working person looking for a quiet place to complete some work to submit for an impending deadline and even students looking for a place to study before their exams or to complete an assignment that is due. A booth seating arrangement would give each of these people the privacy they need to get their work done as well as would serve as a great arrangement for a few friends to meet up for a get together as well.

It is important that you keep the décor for your library café simple and easy on the eye as this would help your customers to concentrate and get their work done. You will need to have bright lighting that can be dimmed if needed and possibly very soft calm music playing in the background. Of course, the most important aspect is the books for the library and this is quite an investment that you will need to make. However, you may visit a second hand book store in the area that will be able to sell you the books that you need in bulk which will save you a lot of money and a lot of effort in the process.