Importance Of Tourism For The Economy




Tourism is an extremely important industry for many countries and can be a lifesaver for the economy of a country whose natural resources are exhausted. This means that the country can rely on tourism to boost the economy and reduce the dependency of the country on selling their natural resources which are finite in nature. This means that the country will have a much more sustainable method of boosting their economy which has a large amount of different benefits that are available as well. Having a large number of tourists come in to a particular country can increase the consumption of the local goods that are created in that particular country. This means that the economic benefits that are associated with having an increased consumption of a local goods are directly transferred to the people of the country themselves as they are the ones who will benefit from increased amount of business for their products. 

Improved Infrastructure Due to Tourism 

The infrastructure and general wellbeing of the country can also be improved because of a greater level of tourism in the country as the government will likely provide funds to increase the infrastructure development in a particular region of a country so that greater levels of tourism can be conducted in that particular area. This means that there will be capital creation that will be occurring in the particular country which can help increase the economic production of the country as well. The general macroeconomic outlook of the country will also increase because of the influx of foreign currency that is coming into the country which the tourist will bring into the country when they want to exchange their local currency to the currency of the country that they are visiting. 

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