Care Guide For Your Leather Shoe


Everyone loves to leather shoes. It is not wrong to say that leather is the most popular choice when it comes to footwear. Even the leather is the oldest material that was used for making shoes. Nothing matches the elegance, class and grace of leather shoes. But leather shoes cannot be worn on every occasion or place because this can affect their conditions. 


The good thing about leather shoes is that they can last for years if properly cared but if you are casual about cleaning and maintaining your shoes, they will be soon becoming dull and old. This is the reason that people are very particular when they are buying leather shoes, as they know they have to be very keen about shoe care otherwise leather shoes will be of no use. This is the reason that if people have to use their shoes for outdoor, they won’t prefer leather shoes. As excessive exposure to dust and mud can seriously damage the leather shoes. But it does not mean that if you use your leather shoes indoor, they don’t need proper care, few tips will help to keep your leather shoes in good condition and will help to extend their life.


Save from dust: Dust is a real problem from every shoe not only leather ones. Even you are indoor or outdoor, the dust will get to your shoes. In the case of leather shoes, this will dull the shine of leather shoes if not clean instantly. Even if you are not wearing the shoes, it is better to keep in the box or cover to protect from dust. 

Right Cleaning products: Never compromise on shoes cleaning products. In the case of leather shoes, if the right product with the right shade will not be used for cleaning, then the shoes will lose its natural shine. Try to use a soft cloth-like microfiber cloth for cleaning because normal cloths can leave fibres on the shoe’s surface that mixed with polish and diminish the shine the original shine.

Cleaning Kit: Instead of running for different items, get the right cleaning kit suggested by a shoe manufacturer. This will help to maintain the original condition of the shoes and you won’t be confused about selecting the right cleaning product. As once you have used the wrong polish or chemical, it will ruin the leather  shoe care.  

Know the Type: This is also important. If you don’t know which leather shoes you own, you won’t be able to clean them, right. At the time of buying always inquire about the type of leather used and get the suggestion about its cleaning methods. This will ease your life because you don’t have to be worried about using the wrong cleaning products on your shoes. This is critical to extend the life of your shoes and maintain its original shine.